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Heat Insulation


A comfortable living environment is one in which the indoor temperatures are regulated and energy costs are minimised. Insulating your building helps maintain an even temperature throughout the structure by reducing heat transfer through the ceiling, walls and floor. This will enhance comfort levels while also reducing operating costs, which are of paramount concern to all business owners.

We at OKG Roof & Truss provide complete information on different materials used for roof insulations and their benefits and disadvantages. We provide roof insulation services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our team of professionals helps you to make an informed decision on which materials to use for your project according to your requirement, considering the price, weight, heat resistance and more.

At OKG, we understand the difference quality insulation can make to your building. We use the highest quality insulation materials and expert craftsmen to ensure that your project is completed on time and at a great price. We will work with you from start to finish to help improve efficiency while lowering costs in the future, and creating a comfortable environment for those who will be living or working inside its walls.

Heat Insulation

Past Work Done

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