Why Steel Truss Roof


What is a steel truss roof, and why do you need one?


For definition context: a steel truss roof is a triangulated system of interconnected elements. Typically trusses were made out of timber or steel, although over time steel became more popular in buildings.


A steel roof truss is a strong piece of metal used in roofs. It is stronger than wood. Therefore, it can hold more weight and make a longer roof that has a higher chance of not falling apart. If you have an event where lots of people will be in a room, or if you have an airplane hangar, you probably need a steel roof truss instead of wood.


Other advantages of steel truss roof in terms of speed and ease include:


  • Steel trusses can be flat packed
  • Lightweight, so cranes not always necessary
  • Requires no special tools or training to install, increasing speed
  • Much of the work is pre-assembled off-site
  • A steel truss roof is easier to put in during inclement weather
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