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Steel Engineering


Steel truss fabrication is a complex process that takes special skills, tools, and techniques to form specific structures and products. Metal fabricators create steel structures in three main stages: cutting, forming, and assembly. Fabricators use several tools to cut the steel of a truss, including high-tech equipment such as plasma cutters, lasers, and water jets.


Once the fabricator cuts the metal into the correct shape, the forming process begins. To form trusses, fabricators use both press baking and rolling. These techniques allow for an enormous range of metal thicknesses, sizes, and shapes for versatile applications. Standard trusses use a series of triangles. During the forming process, fabricators create the correct truss type for its purpose. Most roof trusses, for example, use C-shaped metal studs.


Assembly is the final process. This process includes welding pieces together, bringing the final product together to serve its intended purpose as a truss. There is specialized software the fabricator will use throughout the design and construction process, to meet the builder’s needs. An experienced truss fabricator can create optimal trusses – those that are as lightweight as possible without compromising structural stability. 


STeel engineering

Past Work Done

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